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Wynbrooke Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Title I

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What is Title I?

Title I is a federal funded program that provides funds to schools and districts based upon the percentage of students qualifying to receive free or reduced price (school) meals. The purpose is designed to ensure all students have access to quality instruction and resources that will enable them to meet state academic standards. As a Title I school, we also host learning opportunities for parents that focus on the academic needs of the students. 

How can Title I funds be utilized?

1) Teacher salaries (which lowers the student/teacher ratio)
2) Staff development and release time for teachers to plan instruction
3) Extended learning time programs
4) Purchasing technology for classrooms
5) Purchasing consumable and non-consumable teaching materials
6) Paying presenters for workshops
7) Purchasing materials and resources for the Parent Center
8) Learning experiences

Who decides where funds are allocated?

All decisions regarding the Title I Program are made by the Title I Committee. Committee members help decide which topics are offered at our Parent Workshops, how the Title I funds should be spent, what materials should be purchased for the Parent Center, writing, revising, and approving Title I documents, and help analyze data based on our end-of-the-year parent surveys. Input is also provided by parents during our stakeholder meetings.

Where can I find the Title I documents and notices?

The Office of Federal Programs on the Federal, State, and Local levels require that several notifications and documents be disseminated to parents. Many of these documents are mailed, while other are maintained inside the school. Documents are available for review by clicking the link in the left pane.