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Wynbrooke Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Our History

Wynbrooke Traditional Theme School opened on January 8th, 2002, the first day of the second semester for DeKalb County Schools. Before the opening of the building, Wynbrooke’s 717 students and its faculty and staff were housed in mobile classrooms at the three neighboring elementary schools from which Wynbrooke draws its population. These schools are Pine Ridge, Rock Chapel, and Shadow Rock.

The theme school program at Wynbrooke focuses on students as active participants involved in research-centered assignments and hands-on projects in a highly structured interdisciplinary educational program. Parents are a vital part of this program. Special features of the Theme School program include:

  • Concentrated instruction in all core subjects
  • Emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Required parental involvement
  • Required student school/community involvement
  • Low pupil-teacher ratio
  • Foreign language
  • Strict conduct code
  • Required uniforms/strict dress code
  • Required daily homework
  • Tutorial program
  • "Agenda" planner required for all students. 

The school has 53 classrooms in 95,022 square feet of space. It has a computer lab, a library media center, an art room, a cafeteria, a stage, and two outdoor learning areas. It sits on 14.39 acres of land in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Our School, its faculty and staff, and students have been recipients of numerous awards, including being named a Title I Distinguished School for 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Wynbrooke Traditional Theme School is located at 440 Wicksbury Way, in the Wynbrooke subdivision. Its principal is Mr. Rodriguez Teal.